Luxury Life, Luck, and Success Ring
Luxury Life, Luck, and Success Ring
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Luxury Life, Luck, and Success Ring

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 This stunning and sparkling ring brings with it magical energies that are just as magnificent. The Bold look of this  size 10 ring is petite in comparison to the magic that holds.


This wonderful ring has processed through one full year of coven rituals to imbue it with energies that are simply amazing. It is final cast will be within the new moon with  solar eclipse Energies ritual of June 2021 summer Retreat.


This peace holds amazing energies for luxury life, success, and luck.


When this piece is in your ownership you will always have luck on your side. Games of chance are always swayed your way. You need not worry about being at the right place at the right time as this wonderful one will have you always exactly where you need to be.


Success energies bring you success in every area of life. whether you need a bit of magical support in money, love,  health, or any other area, this magical steps up to the plate for you. Working the universal energy flow in ways that allows you to always be in the receiving spot for whatever particular energies that you need boosted at any time. All endeavors that you attempt will have successful outcomes for you. That doesn't mean that they work out exactly as you expect them to, but they will be successful in the way that they are needed to be.


You can feel secure when you're attempting new and exciting adventures in every area of life with this magical on your side. Self confidence, self esteem, respect, admiration, and loyalty are all boosted for you.


Luxury life Energies bring to you the things that you deem as luxurious. That can be different for each one of us, so this magical works personally just for you and what your definition is in the moment. That may mean more money, more time, better health, or sometimes just a simple day to yourself to hit the spa. Whatever it is that you feel needs to be added to your life, this magical will be sure to open opportunities to bring just that to you.


This ring need not be worn for full magical effect. During its year of cast within the sister circle, there were times that it was too large to fit the witches finger. We even had one sister that fashioned it to a hair tie and wore it as decor to her up swept hairstyle.