Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle
Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle
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Magickal of Shawree Blue Triangle

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This beautiful vintage magickal and energy holder combo has been infused with the essence of a beautiful, highly magickal, female Native American woman named Shawree. She has lent the essence of her powers to many magickal tools already with an excellent outcome.
This magickal was designed to help you to draw more prosperity into your life. It is imbued with strong drawing charms. Shawree has then willingly infused her magickal abilities with this tool's already strong drawing properties to make it an enhanced more powerful magickal tool. This tool can help you with some of life's most challenging situations and they include:
Financial matters,
attraction magick,
communication magick,
commitment and loyalty charms,
enemy removal,
obstacle removal,
Enhanced intuition,
Luck and abundance.
Enjoy this new tool that was specially infused and imbued just for you. It will be one great magickal object sure to help you get what needs to be done, done.