Master Manifesting Abalone Necklace
Master Manifesting Abalone Necklace
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Master Manifesting Abalone Necklace

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When we talk about pulling down the moon, it is in a metaphorical sense of bringing and "capturing" the power and energies of the moon. The moon's energies in each of it's phases can be so helpful in so many ways. 

This Bold Vintage Abalone Necklace brings about the powerful energies of the moon to your benefit in so many ways.

First, if you partake in the drawing down of the moon, this piece will be your 'store spot' for those energies that you can access at any time. You will have the most powerful moon energies to tap into whenever you desire or need. From the darkest of dark moons to the brightest of full and everything in between. This piece is from a witch estate where it was used under the moon EVERY time! It was a prized ritual jewelry item for it's previous owner. After years of could it NOT be a MASTER MANIFESTOR piece?

This piece was also worked under the New Moon of July with Solar Eclipse during the Coven Retreat of June this year. This piece ended it's amplification and enhancement rituals after a full year of being worked by the sister circle! Each sister placing her own magickal imbuement into this wonderful piece.

It is abalone over wood so although it is bold and thick, it's remains lightweight and comfortable for wear. You need not reserve this piece for just rituals either....feel free to wear it when ever you'd like! Reserving it's use for your personal rituals or use it's amazing magickal aspects daily in your life.

The energies that this beauty holds will help you in all aspects of your life. 

It is a Master Manifestor piece which means that it will help to manifest all that you desire in any aspect or area of your life. Wear it in ritual, call upon it by hands-on, place it on your altar during workings, or simply hang or store it in your sacred space for infiltration of major manifesting energies into your day and life. 

SUCCESS in EXCESS is what the previous owner dubbed this piece by name!