Money Spell for Individual
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Money Spell for Individual

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Are you ready to have a little MONEY come your way?

Tired of having to watch each penny you spend?

Ready to bring some spendable cast your way?

Need to get a little ahead financially finally?

Then this spell can help.

This spell is cast through my personal ritual for you. I will create your personal candle for imbuing it with intent during each step. I then inscribe your candle with your name, special words, and a sigil created just for you. It is then anointed with my personal lineage oil blends for the intention. The candle is then lit and your petition is sent into Universal flow. I allow my guides, angels, and surrounding spirits to work from the other side to help to ensure direction of your energies as well.  This brings the best possible outcome and helps the spell's energies pass to you.

I give every spell I cast my total attention and take my magickal endeavors very seriously.