Mutli Cast Citrine and Sterling
Mutli Cast Citrine and Sterling
Mutli Cast Citrine and Sterling
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Mutli Cast Citrine and Sterling

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The energy attached to this beautiful size 9 vintage silver and citrine ring is intense. Acquired from a working magickal collection, It has processed through six lunar cycles that ended with the June summer coven retreat to clear it of its past owner's energies and enhance it's magickal intentions.
The magick and energy attached to this fantastic find are all enhanced by it's beautiful stone. Every ability the magickal carries, the spell energies increase it times three, and the list is numerous.
Cleanses the chakras
Opens intuition
Attracts wealth
Attracts prosperity
Attracts success.
Raises self-esteem
Raises self-confidence.
Enhances concentration
Helps revitalizes the mind
Helps release negative traits, such as depression, fears, and phobias
Helps release bad habits of any kind
Promotes happiness and joy
Can help diminish the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Protects you from negative energies.