Necromancer - Individual Companion Request
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Necromancer - Individual Companion Request

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This is a direct binding or remote binding to your own vessel. Each companion stays in my keep for months before I release them to the public for offers.  My companions are extremely responsive to their humans. You may feel them play with your hair or touch your face. You may see red small orbs or shifting lights. You will receive their information and name by email after binding is complete.

The Necromancer offers protection, clarity, necromancy, divination in all forms, black magick castings, boosts to rituals, conjuring, opening and closing portals, banishing, summoning, mind control of others, removal of hexes and curses as well as casting them on enemies for revenge and retribution. They hold the key to so much knowledge. 


With years of professional experience, I am here to connect you to your spirit companion. Using your energetic identity I will bring about a companion that will be in harmony with your own vibrations, personality, and life style.

Once I have the perfect match for you, I will perform a distant binding to you directly or an item that you own to use as a vessel such as a jewelry or statue item. This deep bond will allow you to call on your companion with ease in the future.

You will receive an email with your Companion's description and name.


Note: The pics chosen are merely likeness of the subject as close as possible to their physical appearance.