No Bad Luck, No Malicious Intent
No Bad Luck, No Malicious Intent
Witchful Ways

No Bad Luck, No Malicious Intent

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This piece is a wonderful Vintage black and white pearl necklace that holds amazing energies.

It's ritual processing was completed on the New Moon of June after a full six lunar cycles of work.

No Bad Luck and No Malicious Intent spell set was placed upon this gorgeous necklace.

No Bad Luck spell energies will allow Good Luck to flow to you along with breaking bad habits that are hindering your progress in all areas. You'll seem to be in the right place at the right time and things will fall into place with little effort. 

No Malicious Intent spell energies keep you protected from those that are sending ill wishes you way or that are not supporting you from a heart centered space. There are often times that people will connect with others for the betterment of themselves rather than for true support...this piece will allow you to know which is which. Any curses, hexes, or bindings are unsupported and simply sent back to universal energy to be transmuted into the best for all.