Oil blend for Divination Enhancement
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Oil blend for Divination Enhancement

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This wonderful oil blend was created during ritual to bring you an amazing experience. Whether you decide to use it as a tool or ingredient, you will find that your connection to Spirit is enhanced and focused.

Use this oil in your choice of ways:

  • As a blend to dot your wrists and third eye area when meditating

  • As a blend to dot your wrists and third eye area when working any forms of Divination

  • As a blend to anoint your candles used during divination or magickal endeavors when working to connect with messages and signs

  • As a magickal blend to use as an ingredient in your own magickal workings to bring guidance, insight, or enhance your personal intuition.

  • Use to dot on pictures or taglocks of someone that you'd like to gain insight or guidance from.

  • Any other use needing guidance, insight, intuition enhancement, or connection and answers from your guides.

I'm sure there are many more uses that you may think of for it to be used in your every day magickal life!

10ml roller bottle

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