Witchful Ways


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Olivia is a wandering spirit that has finally happened into a vessel to call home. I don't get much talking from her as she passed very young. She has shared visions with me that shows me small clips into her past. These visions are shown from her point of view.
One was of her mothers face, looking down on her in a cradle. The vision feels light but coveted. Obviously of a much happier time.
The 2nd is of moving down a bumpy road. I can smell and feel the hay beneath her. The ride is rough, but the sky is blue. A horse neighs and I can hear the laughter of other children. It seems like summer time.
Then lastly, she is wrapped tightly in a blanket. I feel how badly she feels. My own body hurts as hers did, its quite intense, an all over bone ache. She's also so so cold, even know she's right by the fire. Her mom and dad are crying. I can't pin point anything specific to a illness or injury, but something is seriously wrong. She pulls back. The vision is complete.
Olivia was wandering, but is no longer. She is happy with her vessel and would like it unchanged. She is a spirit of comfort and love. Her energy will bring happiness and liveliness into any home. The only sounds I've heard her make is laughter. That doesn't mean the communication will not move on with her forever owner.
Her vessel is approx. 4 inches tall and arrives with a chime candle inscribed and imbued by me to assist in the connection of you to your new spirit family member.