Psychic Connection and Empowerment Enchanted Candle Kit
Psychic Connection and Empowerment Enchanted Candle Kit
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Psychic Connection and Empowerment Enchanted Candle Kit

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A wonderful way to bring magick into your day.


My enchanted candle spell kits bring a spark of magick into your life with the lighting of the flame. You only need choose the time that works best for you to begin the magickal release.  


Each spell kit includes:

One hand crafted candle created in full ritual 

One Amethyst Crystal fixed to candle

One Hematite Stone fixed to candle

One mini vial of Oil Blend created in full ritual

One parchment paper spell scroll with your statement of spell. This spell has been created, written, and sealed with burned edges within full ritual. 

One moon charm


How to Use:

Remove the ribbon with the moon charm and place the charm next to the candle lighting area to create your personal charm talisman.

1. Take the oil and rub some on the fingertips of the pointer and middle finger of your dominant hand (the one your write with). Touch your forehead, the parchment spell paper, the moon charm, each of the crystals on top, and the candle. You can use the remaining oil for your personal needs such as anointing your third eye area before divination, mediation, or séance sessions or for use to anoint and bless your divination items such as pendulums, boards, cards, and scry mirrors or bowls.  


2. Light your candle and fixate on the flame for at least a few seconds but for as long as you'd like. Remove the twine from your spell scroll.


3. When you are ready you will recite the incantation on the parchment paper NINE TIMES. (stated on the parchment scroll as well)


4. Once you have completed reciting the incantation after you've lit the candle for the first time you will place the scroll to the candle flame to catch fire and allow it to burn. Be sure that you have a fire safe dish or cauldron to drop the burning scroll into! 


5. Remove the crystals and use them as a talisman of your candle's enchantment along with your moon charm. Carry them with you, place them by you for divination sessions, place them on your altar, or leave them in your personal space. However you feel is right to utilize these is perfect for you! 



Your spell is complete and the candle is 'tied' to your personal energies and the enchantment will flow into your life and space.

Please allow the candle to burn for at least 30 minutes the first lighting. You can allow it to burn longer if you'd like however. 

You can extinguish and relight this candle as you'd like.

Great for lighting before your divination sessions to enhance the connection to Spirit!