Owl Spirit Companion - Individual Companion Request
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Owl Spirit Companion - Individual Companion Request

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The Owl companions are such an amazing choice for all experience levels of human companions!

Owl Guides are excellent at helping you to be prepared for what’s coming both seen and unseen in your future.  They also offer a new perspective regarding situations, issues, or circumstance of the past and present. Their energy is tranquil, soothing, and calm. This means they are quite helpful for bringing you to a meditative state.  As with all my companions, they move easily between all realms and deliver visions and prophecies, as well as messages from beyond.

Owl companions guide you to see beyond the veil of deception and illusion. This helps you to see what may be kept hidden from you. This means "It came out of the blue" rarely will happen to you! This ability to cut through illusions also allows you to see the real meaning behind someone’s action or state of mind.

These beautiful creatures bring about strong opening of intuition and can help you to access information and wisdom that’s usually hidden to most. They encourage you to look beyond the surface and deep into the true reality of a situation or a person’s motives. 

  • Wisdom  
  • Esoteric Knowledge
  • Improved Psychic Abilities
  • Ability to see true motives, actions, and people's intentions
  • To be hidden when desired within a situation
  • Messenger of Secrets and Omens
  • Link between the realms
  • Moon Magic
  • Freedom from worry of others perceptions of you
  • Protection
  • Transition
  • Relief of Anxiety and Worry

This wonderful spiritual companion is the perfect choice for beginning and experienced human companions alike!

With years of professional experience, I am here to connect you to your spirit companion. Using your energetic identity I will bring about a companion that will be in harmony with your own vibrations, personality, and life style.

Once I have the perfect match for you, I will perform a distant binding to you directly or an item that you own to use as a vessel such as a jewelry or statue item. This deep bond will allow you to call on your companion with ease in the future.

You will receive an email with your Companion's description and name. 

I will also set into the mail a focus bead vessel with a black cord necklace that you can choose to use if you'd like. Your companion will be available to you to call upon receipt of your email and before this focus vessel arrives to you.