Peace and Tranquility Group Candle Cast
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Peace and Tranquility Group Candle Cast

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THIS MONTH'S CAST: August 21st

(listing will open for spot reservation the Wednesday before the cast)

Please include in notes area at checkout the name of any other person you may be purchasing this service for.

This is a community cast that is offered once each month. Check my FB page and group for dates.

I'm happy to offer community candle magick casts. I've found that offering a working as a community lends more strength to the ritual because more people are focused on the intention which benefits all involved. This additional energy is added to my already intense spell cast which brings about swift energy direction and manifestations. 

Peace & Tranquility 

This work is done to calm chaos and attract peaceful and tranquil energies to you and your space. This can be done for workplace tensions, a hectic lifestyle or even a chaotic home environment. Effective at quelling arguments and stress at home or work, between family or co-workers. We cannot think clearly, be productive and reach our potential in the midst of chaos and negative energy. 

During ritual, your petition will be prepared and placed with your name and proper symbols for the spell and will then be anointed with the oils and herbs needed to support the requested work. Each petition will be placed around the prepared ritual candle upon the altar before lighting. A petition will be read as it is placed and then burned from the central candle at the end of the ritual. 

I then sit in an open receptive state to allow information and messages from my guides and spirit to come through to be shared with those that are participating.

You will find a picture of this community service along with information and messages from the cast posted on my FB page and within the Living a Magickal Life #LML group during or at completion.

I take my magickal workings very seriously and give my full effort into each and every cast. 

This cast does NOT include email or message consultation or follow up.

Please note that this picture shown is the beginning of the set up for a spell and my personal lineage rituals will be used along with additional spell blends of oils and herbs as well as crystals and sounds each night of the ritual candle cast.