Personal Power, Protection, and Financial Access
Personal Power, Protection, and Financial Access
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Personal Power, Protection, and Financial Access

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This vintage Jade with diamond chip necklace is an offering from a crone witch collection. This piece was placed into magickal employment in the mid 80s and has remained one of the most powerful pieces of that collection.

This wonderful necklace has been imbued through the years through the crone's own rituals as well as within group settings to enhance and direct it's energies. 

It is a piece of PERSONAL POWER, PROTECTION, and FINANCIAL ACCESS. It also brings with it a calming and tranquil energy to all of these areas as well.

Personal power energies for when you need to step up into your "big girl" or "big boy" pants! :)  These energies bring you out of the feeling of playing a part or playing a grown up into the feeling of Being an adult of power and persuasion. We all have a number of years that we've been on this earth, but that often times does not correlate to the feeling we hold within ourselves of our age. I feel way younger than my age and my mindset sometimes goes to.... I can't believe I'm adulting!  Personal power brings up self confidence, self control, self worth, and self esteem.

Protection energies from all that needs protection on any level. Whether that me mind, body, or spirit. Emotions seem to balance and reactions become responses. (reaction is stemmed form emotion, response from controlled reasoning). Keeping you safe in any travels and in every day life.

Financial Access energies allow you to step into financial abundance flow. This means that all ways and avenues to financial aspects become open to you. You may find money on the ground, an unexpected check appears in your mailbox, you get approval on that loan even though the odds were against you, your business flourishes, people pay you back what they owe you. These and any other way that universe allows money to come to you will be enhanced and encouraged.

Step into ease and flow with this pretty one!