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When you're in need of support from the surrounding fae, you only need to pull this poppet out to connect easily and to let them know exactly what you need....even if you don't know what exactly that is. 

By taking the poppet in hand and thinking of what you need assistance with, you will have called upon the fae to step in to support you in your endeavors. 

The fae are always available to help you at will at any time. As nature spirits, the Fae are mysterious and often unseen but they are constantly working their magick to shape the world around us. They live in the trees, the rocks, the breeze, the grass, and every living part of the Earth. They can appear as wisps of light or stay invisible, only known by the things they move around and leave behind. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t see them. Trust me, they’re there.

Despite what you might think, the Fae are not what cartoons would have you believe. They are so much more than fairies and pixies -- the Fae also encompasses gnomes, dragons, mermaids, elves, trolls...and a bevy of other "mythological” creatures that can cross the veil into our realm. Each type of Fae has its own type of magick and limitations, usually tied to an element of nature. 

This poppet gives you the ability to call upon any and all of them to allow those that are 'in the mood' to working with you and your intention at that moment. 

This poppet has a wonderful sterling silver FAIRY charm that has processed through my personal rituals to carry energies of HAPPINESS and FAE CONNECTION.



Each pocket poppet is created within personal ritual and hold inside them crystals and herb blends specific to their tasks. Each also has a charm that has processed through my ritual spell casts to allow it to be imbued with energies that support the poppet's magickal endeavor. 

They are small enough to fit in your pocket (hence the name, lol) or carried in your purse easily.

Poppets are a form of sympathetic magick that ties the poppet to a person or energy. The poppet is never “just” a shape or doll!

It is a vehicle of pure potential. When I create a poppet or I am riding the network of creation. Although a poppet can represent a specific person, poppets also can be used to access a plethora of energies—from information gathering, clarity, healing, compassion, courage, and overcoming obstacles to attracting prosperity and much more. They can represent the spirit of an inanimate object, such as a house, a car, or a piece of property. They can also be associated with nature, your garden, or your pets.

Your poppet becomes the bond (the marriage) of the magickal and the physical realms.