Portal for Fae
Portal for Fae
Portal for Fae
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Portal for Fae

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These amazing little figurines are so much more than they appear to be.  They are cute all on their own, but they hold a magickal use for those of us that like to invite fae into our world.

These are Portal to the Fae that allow them to inhabit your space with you and bring all of their magickal goodness right along with them into your life.

You simply need only to display your figurine in any area of the home or space to allow that to be an entrance / exit point for any fae that desire to work with you or to help you in garden and home. 

Why is it a good thing to be in the good graces of the fae? Oh, well...they are wonderful little beings to have around in so many ways like:

Fairies have the ability to heal and cure broken or withered plants; wounds, broken bones, low vitality, and even diseases and restore the emotions and spirits of others.

Fairies have the ability to project and control light and nature. A Fae with this ability can channel nature through their body and project it in a concentrated and powerful blast of light which seems to us to be those beautiful little lights. This energy also allows them to remove certain energies from our selves and our personal spaces.

Fairies can manipulate vegetation. Fairies can grow plants to enormous proportions in nearly any environment.

Fairies are much older and wiser than humans but they like to share their knowledge with those that they like. They are very good at getting messages to you through dreams as well as by drawing your attention where needed to see signs.

Fairies bring great luck with them and share it with you.

Animals love playing with the Fae as much as they love playing with animals! They will help to keep your animals safe and healthy as well.


These are all offered from the same working magickal collection. Use one, two, or three depending on your desires and needs! 

The two single baby ones are ceramic and the child with fae is resin.