Power of Three Talisman Creation
Power of Three Talisman Creation
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Power of Three Talisman Creation

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This heavy wood carved statue of Power of Three comes from a working magickal collection.

This is an amazing charging platform but more than that it is one that can assist in a talisman creation. 

During it's years of magickal use it has become an intense and accurate piece that allows you to use any of your own items to create a powerful and direct talisman to use for any area of your own life. 

By the Power of Three your item will be infused with the energies that you desire to support you in your daily and magickal life. 

Simply place your jewelry item on the base in the center of the three. You will then use the 'action phrase' that is included to allow the Power of Three to work it's magickal intention to infuse your item with powerful energies. You will need to repeat this three times over three days. After that....you will then have a talisman that you can wear, carry, or place into your magickal space.

May be used for jewelry, crystals, and even candles but the item MUST fit INSIDE the circle of the Power of Three.