Prosperity Rice
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Prosperity Rice

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This is a blend of Louisanna Voodoo and witch-magick offered to you.  

Prosperity rice is used in so many different ways! You can:

  • Put it in your wallet
  • Put it in your purse
  • Carry it in a spell bag
  • Place it in a Mojo bag
  • Place it in a gris gris 
  • Sprinkle it on the walkway to your business or home
  • Put some in your shoes (just a few grains towards the toe area)
  • Leave a jar of it on your desk
  • Use a jar of it as a pen holder on your desk
  • Place your money magickals into it

Anything that you can think of to do with it that will bring that spendable cash your way. I have a writer that sprinkles it over her keyboard (she puts a linen down first) and leaves it when she's not using it. So many possibilities and ALL of them are right!

You will receive one container filled with rice that is approx. 3 oz.