Protection and Direction bracelet
Protection and Direction bracelet
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Protection and Direction bracelet

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A wonderful goldtone Vintage bracelet that has been worked over the previous two lunar cycles to enhance and amplify it's previously imbued energies and spells of Protection and Direction of your way.

  • Cleanse negativity
  • Release Bad Karma
  • Keep a positive energy flow
  • Break curses and send back ill wishes
  • Uncover your path in life
  • Open opportunities to you in your line of passion in life
  • Make decisions regarding life path clearer and less stressful
  • Bring relaxation and happiness

My sisters circle comes together to work some amazing rituals to imbue items with extreme energies. All the pieces offered were worked privately by a member for a full lunar cycle and then again by the entire circle during full ritual.

These items may need some time to adjust to as they will be buzzing with energies. Some of our items are Vintage magickals from personal witch estates and collections. These pieces are worked over the same amount of time within rituals to enhance the already powerful magick they hold as well as add some additional energies as well.