Protection Candle
Protection Candle
Protection Candle
Protection Candle
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Protection Candle

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These 100% soy candles have been hand poured and crafted by me during personal ritual. 

They are designed and blended to assist you with protection, purification, and personal strength.

These have a personal recipe protection blend of essential oils which includes clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. It is a scent that is comforting yet fierce it has been said to me.

They are subtle scented as they are not meant to fill a home with fragrance but rather to connect with you and release their magickal energies into the space.

Topped with lavender, bay laurel leaves and amethyst for peace and protection.

Use this intention candle during meditation, spellwork, divination sessions, or rituals. The herbs and crystal on top will sink into the wax on the first burn creating a mini cauldron of intention. The crystal is intended as a keepsake talisman to carry with you after the candle is done.

When you first light the candle, please take some time to connect with it and focus your vision. Just add your magick spark!


Suggested Ritual:

Protection spells are about both banishing and setting up new boundaries. Before you start protecting your space or self, make sure to do a thorough cleanse. There is no point building protective walls if the thing you are protecting against is already inside.

You might choose to use any of the following to cleanse your space and/or self:

  • Smoke - incense, palo santo, or really any smoke you like will work here.

  • Sound -singing bowls, bells, or drums. Or just turn on your favorite music and dance that bad vibes out. DANCE!! (Ya'll know I love this one)

  • Spray - use an essential oil spray or make one of fresh lemon juice and water

  • Sweeping -  start from the front of your house and move to the back. You can just gently sweep energy or really get down and sweep the dirt out.

  • Fresh air - nothing cleanses like a fresh breeze. Even if it's opening windows and doors for a few minutes in the dead of winter get some fresh air into your space.

Now that your space is cleared let's put up some protection.

As you light your candle ask it to aid you in protecting you and your space. Be specific about what you need protection from. Name your demons and cast them out. Speak these requests aloud to your candle even if it feels silly. Always speak your magick!

Sit with the candle and stare into the flame and watch it dance. Use this time to connect and see your candle as living energy.  This energy is what will protect you.

Imagine a barrier forming around you. This is something you will come back to again and again, so make sure you can really see this. Some people imagine it as a force field of a certain color light. You might see yourself in a suit of shiny armor, or literal walls that surround you, or maybe even a bubble that you are able to place around you or your space. Use your intuition here and find what resonates with you. This visualization is something you can use at ANY time. This is your protective space. This is something that you can do daily as part of plugging into your GPS (ground, protect, and shield). ;)

Once you have your barrier clear in your mind... power it up. Focus on your breathing, with each inhale pull up from the ground. Imagine colored light pulling up from the ground, flowing through you and then as you exhale going into your space and adding strength to your chosen barrier. See this light strengthening your boundary. Spend time powering up until you feel comfortable.

When you're done, let the candle burn for another 10 minutes or so. I imagine the candle filling the space with magick and the magick seeping into every fiber of my being.

This full ritual of banishing and protecting is best performed weekly or regularly. The protective barrier meditation can be used at any time. A candle is not required. You can literally draw on this barrier's strength whenever you're feeling exposed or scared.

When the candle is gone keep the stone on your altar, sacred space, or place it somewhere in your home. The stones capture the essence of the ritual and can act as a talisman if you wish.

NOTES: You may choose to use this visualization to protect yourself, your home, your car, a situation, or any other person as well. The intent is totally up to you. The magickal energies imbued within the candle will support your intention completely. 

You may then choose to use the screw top lid tin for storage of something or use it for a Jar Spell! Okay...tin container spell. :)

3.7oz tin holds 100% Soy candles that are hand poured with a wooden wick. You may need to relight your wood wick a few times before it "catches" the first time, but once it does, it will light the first time every time from then on. 

Your candle will come from the batch shown.