Purse of Money, Luck, and Luxury Life
Purse of Money, Luck, and Luxury Life
Purse of Money, Luck, and Luxury Life
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Purse of Money, Luck, and Luxury Life

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An amazing Vintage Whiting and Davis Company purse that carries amazing energies to draw money and luck to you as well as bring Luxury Life into alignment with you!

This piece is a pristine condition high end 1950s purse and has been cast through the years by it's previous crone witch owner.

You can choose to place coins, bills, or any representation of money inside to allow your financial security and to open money flow energies to you. 

You can also place a picture of items you are wanting inside of it. This allows the universal energies to begin to 'fall into place' and allow that item to come to you in the fastest way possible. 

This purse also is cast with LUXURY LIFE energies. This brings a whole new layer of success, and access to success to you as well! When you think of luxury life and it's meaning for you, the energies will begin to place you into alignment with what that looks like for you in the moment. Our definition of luxury life changes throughout out lifetime and even days, but this magickal will ensure that you're always working towards what you desire and what you don't even realize that you desire yet.

Plus it's really soothing to the touch. The design of the purse makes simply touching it pleasure and you can get lost in the daydreams when you begin to 'play' with it. 

Use it on special occasions, keep it in your sacred space, or hang it as a pretty decor piece....however you decide to use it, it will bring intense magick into your life.

It has been cast with energies to draw money and luck your way in every possible aspect. Financial gains in business, gambling, luck, lottery, bonuses, raises, promotions, and any other opportunity that could present itself to you.