RAYLESE direct
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RAYLESE direct

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Female Energy: Raylese (ray-lease)

You get your companion sent direct to you or to a vessel that you own of your choosing.


WORDS FROM HER: "The pain that you're feeling… that darkness you find yourself in….is only temporary.  Your world will turn bright once again! There needs to be the darkness to appreciate the light. I am here to ease the discomfort of emotional pains and allow the mind to find the path to happiness within a new normal. Allow me to carry some of your burden, it is my duty".


You may be wondering why the long write up is not with this listing… This is simply because I have decided to allow this companion's words to come through to ensure their calling be heard! You now have a sentence or two spoken by the being, one that gives you a good idea of why he/she has decided to present his or herself.

You have the opportunity to ask for a connection from the being to feel his/her energy and know if the fit is right for you!

The companion will present themselves to you in a way that is understandable and comfortable to you.

Then, once you decide to bring them home you must USE THE LINK to finalize the process.

Don't wait too long to decide though because their calling is strong and their talents may be desirable to many at once!!