Witchful Ways


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This wonderful vintage cuff style bracelet is imbued with a powerful healing charm. It helps heal or relive any ailment you may suffer, from broken hearts, broken minds, and broken bodies. It is your lifeline to a better you.

I received this special piece from one of my personal witch friends and it has passed through three lunar cycles and my own rituals to ensure it is fully charged and ready for you.

This special piece is a must-have for anyone wanting to rid themselves of unwanted energy that is keeping them down, or anyone who has a chronic illness and is looking for a bit of relief from the madness. The spell used to imbue this wonderful tool not only helps to boost your own immunity but lessens the duration of most typical illnesses one may get, if you even ever get one while having this piece with you.

It also helps in balancing the body's systems with wear! Put your whole self back into alignment.

Use this tool while manifesting a better you to add a powerful magickal punch to your work.

Enjoy and happy healing!