Retreat Butterfly Hematite Necklace 2
Retreat Butterfly Hematite Necklace 2
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Retreat Butterfly Hematite Necklace 2

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An amazing hematite butterfly necklace. 

This gorgeous magickal has a FULL YEAR of casts to bring intense energies and that will offer swift changes in your life. Cast beginning in the THREE SISTER CIRCLE RETREAT of 2019 and ending with the retreat of 2020. It was worked through the year by each individual sister within the circle. 

When you're in the middle of transitions and changes in life it can be very stressful.

You may feel that the changes you're trying to make aren't 'worth it' in the long run....even when they will produce something that is amazingly spectacular for you! When those self doubts come into play, it's harder to stay motivated and on your path to success.  This piece will keep the motivation going in this situation and help to support your forward progress with reduction in stress and anxiety.

Changes are sometimes thrown upon us and we have to simply process through them. Grief is always a process of change as well. This piece will bring the emotional support to help you process through the loss of a loved one or the changes that may be thrust upon you that out not of your direct actions. Even changing jobs when you want to is a transition that can have emotional attachments that we may not recognize we even hold!