Retreat Crystal Quartz necklace
Retreat Crystal Quartz necklace
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Retreat Crystal Quartz necklace

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A natural crystal quartz necklace with goldtone chain.

This wonderful quartz necklace has processed through a full year of magickal work to become a host to some amazing energies! Completed within the 3 circle retreat of 2020.

This piece carries intense DRAWING POWER. Drawing Power is the ability for the natural, universal energies to be drawn to you so that you are never lacking in your own personal energy or of any energy stream that can manifest your wants, needs, and desires for you.

Clear quartz is naturally an amplifier of energy so it, of course, does this. But we've added a bit of energy into the crystal to be sure that it is able to DIRECT that energy as well. This helps to ensure a powerful, direct, and precise attraction of your desires. 

This gorgeous magickal has a FULL YEAR of casts to bring intense energies and that will offer swift changes in your life. Cast beginning in the THREE SISTER CIRCLE RETREAT of 2019 and ending with the retreat of 2020. It was worked through the year by each individual sister within the circle.