Retreat Elsa Collection Good Graces Doll
Retreat Elsa Collection Good Graces Doll
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Retreat Elsa Collection Good Graces Doll

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This Vintage doll is from Elsa's magickal collection.

This magickal is from Elsa's magickal collection. Elsa is a crone witch that passed in 2019 at 102 years old. She worked throughout her years to be very skilled and direct in her magick and creation of her magickals. Many of her items were employed for her entire adult lifetime making them extreme pieces. All energies within the pieces were amplified  and enhanced by her specific ritual requests that occurred over the year after her passing. These pieces were chosen by her with specific intent and requests. These completed within the Three Circle Ritual Retreat of 2020 bringing additional intense energies.

This Good Graces Doll keeps you on 'good terms' with all those you're connected with as well as all those in all realms. If you connect and interact with spirit on any realm, having protection in place is a must. This dolly (she just called her dolly) will offer that protection to not only you, but your space as well. Having been employed for over 60 years she has no problem with knowing exactly what needs to be allowed into your space....mental, physical, and subconscious levels. Although she does not restrict access to or for you in any way, she offers immense protection for you on all levels. 

If you're in need of making a good impression, this one will be of benefit as well. She maintains your integrity, reputation, and allows others to see your beauty from the inside out.