Retreat Elsa Item Bracelet of Color
Retreat Elsa Item Bracelet of Color
Retreat Elsa Item Bracelet of Color
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Retreat Elsa Item Bracelet of Color

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This magickal is from Elsa's magickal collection. Elsa is a crone witch that passed in 2019 at 102 years old. She worked throughout her years to be very skilled and direct in her magick and creation of her magickals. Many of her items were employed for her entire adult lifetime making them extreme pieces. All energies within the pieces were amplified  and enhanced by her specific ritual requests that occurred over the year after her passing. These pieces were chosen by her with specific intent and requests. These completed within the Three Circle Ritual Retreat of 2020 bringing additional intense energies.

A stunning metal bracelet that was a working magickal of her collection for more than 35 years. Super pretty with colors that play in the light.

This magickal's energy is all about fun and living life to the fullest. Bringing happiness and satisfaction in your present state while leaving room for motivation to get to the 'next level' in life. Keeping you centered, balanced, and always in a feeling of acceptance of where you are and where you are going in life.

Drawing Power


Positive Energy Flow

Good Luck 

Balance of Emotions

Balance of Energy


Self Love

and more.