Retreat Elsa item Fenton Spirit and Cleansing Bell
Retreat Elsa item Fenton Spirit and Cleansing Bell
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Retreat Elsa item Fenton Spirit and Cleansing Bell

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This amazing Fenton Glass bell is from Elsa's magickal collection. A beautiful pastel coloring over creamy white. 

This magickal is from Elsa's magickal collection. Elsa is a crone witch that passed in 2019 at 102 years old. She worked throughout her years to be very skilled and direct in her magick and creation of her magickals. Many of her items were employed for her entire adult lifetime making them extreme pieces. All energies within the pieces were amplified  and enhanced by her specific ritual requests that occurred over the year after her passing. These pieces were chosen by her with specific intent and requests. These completed within the Three Circle Ritual Retreat of 2020 bringing additional intense energies.

This bell is a spirit bell AND positive energy bell. 

Spirit Bells are rung to allow spirits to enter your 'space' or to signify that you are ready to connect with spirit realm. They are also used as a thank you and/or offering to surrounding spirits for their assistance that has been given to you.

This bell is also a Positive Energy bell that is useful when cleansing a space. You may choose to ring it for a simple clearing of a space at any time, but it is excellent and created to be used after a major space cleansing as well. When you cleanse a space you create a void where the negative energy once was. This void needs to be filled with positive and/or neutral energy to keep that cleared space free from just any energy seeping back into it. This bell is perfect for that. Once you've completed your major cleansing you simply ring the bell in that space to fill in that void with abundance and positive energies!

Plus it's simply stunning!