Retreat Elsa Item Keep Love Safe and Strong
Retreat Elsa Item Keep Love Safe and Strong
Retreat Elsa Item Keep Love Safe and Strong
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Retreat Elsa Item Keep Love Safe and Strong

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This is a so-pretty locket brooch from Elsa's collection. 

A piece that was cast throughout the years to allow you to find, grow, maintain, and move love to the next level. This piece is for Romantic Love AND Self Love too! Gorgeous soft pink stones adorn this metal filigree locket brooch.

Simply place a picture, taglock, or name of a person that you desire to be drawn to you to capture their interest, attention, and heart. This action will also keep the love flames burning strong and commitment loyal once in a relationship. If you're looking to take it to the next level, simply place any piece of paper with symbol, words, or dates inside.  Witch tip: tissue paper works GREAT for locket spells because it folds easily and small.

If there is something that you need for your personal self love, then this is a great piece for you as well. You can wear, hold, or keep the piece in your sacred space as you request your desire of universal flow.  You may choose to place a dried rose petal inside for self love intentions as well to boost the energies coming to you.

After placing the items inside you will say:

Aht-may Val-heen Tree-ad Laff-ton. 

(This is the original activation line from Elsa written out for sounding)

A truly remarkable magickal to add to your collection.