Retreat Item Angel Necklace
Retreat Item Angel Necklace
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Retreat Item Angel Necklace

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A wonderful crystal quartz carved angel necklace.

This beautiful necklace has been imbued with angel action energies. 

Angel Action energies allow angels to step into action for you without request. Yes, angels (other than your guardian angel) require permission to step into and take action in your life. They always surround us with loving, gentle, and uplifting energies, but for them to take action on your behalf for a specific purpose...they require a request. 

This pretty magickal acts as that request on your behalf on all levels. Here's how...when there is something that is needed for you that angel support can assist with, your spirit guide will place your request into the angelic realm for you. Your having this piece is a constant "authorization" for the angels to step in and assist. Think of it as a permission slip given to your guide to call in the angels for you when needed! 

You'll not only have a more peaceful daily existence, but you'll notice when the angels have stepped in for you. They will leave their signs for you and you'll notice and understand them well.

This gorgeous magickal has a FULL YEAR of casts to bring intense energies and that will offer swift changes in your life. Cast beginning in the THREE SISTER CIRCLE RETREAT of 2019 and ending with the retreat of 2020. It was worked through the year by each individual sister within the circle.