Retreat Item Black Tourmaline in Amethyst Necklace
Retreat Item Black Tourmaline in Amethyst Necklace
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Retreat Item Black Tourmaline in Amethyst Necklace

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A beautiful black tourmaline in an amethyst slice necklace.  

This piece is all for the protection of you in every way and in every area of life. Your personal space, finances, spiritual self, relationships, health and wellness, travel, physical body, and any other area or value that can be protected will. Ultimate awareness of your surroundings and what you need to be focused on within them comes easy with this piece.

This piece is not only is also a Justice Magickal. Justice magickals ensure that anyone that is trying to deceive you, cause you harm, sends ill wishes, gossips about you or your life, or has malicious intent of any kinds towards you will be dealt with swiftly and justly within the universal energy flow. It puts a bit of a 'hiccup' in their positive energy flow and allows them to actually learn from their actions....which means no worry about energetic retribution of any kind! 

This gorgeous magickal has a FULL YEAR of casts to bring intense energies and that will offer swift changes in your life. Cast beginning in the THREE SISTER CIRCLE RETREAT of 2019 and ending with the retreat of 2020. It was worked through the year by each individual sister within the circle.