Retreat Item Damascene Bracelet
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Retreat Item Damascene Bracelet

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This wonderful Vintage bracelet is full of amazing energies ready for it's new owner. An offering from a crone witch estate, it has over 40 years of magickal value.

This piece is excellent in working with the self. This means that anything that has to do with yourself will be enhanced for the best possible outcome or attribute needed in any situation.

Self confidence soars as you begin to feel the self empowerment this piece brings to you. You will look at meetings and new experiences as exciting and exhilarating rather than fearful and dreaded.

Your self esteem will rise as you begin to feel comfortable not only in your own skin, but in your personal abilities as well. No one will be able to persuade you to believe anything other than how you feel about yourself once your esteem is on the rise!

Self control will assist you in making good, solid decisions as well as in helping you maintain healthy habits while breaking and releasing those that you no longer desire. Emotions are controlled better as well bringing a new calm and logic to all situations. Never lose you cool again though being provoked. Ain't nobody got time for that anymore!

Self Love energies help you to learn (and continue) to be loving to yourself. This can be hard some days! You'll be able to fully accept and appreciate your mind, body, and spiritual practices which helps you to continue to grow and expand. Speak lovingly to yourself and watch how others follow suit.