Retreat Item Mother of Pearl and Aurora earrings
Retreat Item Mother of Pearl and Aurora earrings
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Retreat Item Mother of Pearl and Aurora earrings

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Simply ah-mazing Mother of Pearl and Aurora Borealis stone Vintage Clip earrings from crone witch collection.

I LOVE these sparkling earrings...but I love all things sparkly!
These Vitnage clip earrings have been a part of a working magickal collection since 1958....yes!...the 50s!
These earrings harbor a protection essence and brings the gentle healing power.  It is a stress relieving magicakl; relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions. 
It also has been imbued with energies that stimulates the intuition, imagination, sensitivity and adaptability. It helps emotions become more harmonious and balanced.
But wait...there's more!  ;)
These beauties also carry with them wonderful spell energies for Self Love and Self Confidence making them absolutely great for areas of business and success!  Bringing a way to always feel confident in your actions and making impressions the best they can be!
These are Vintage CLIP earrings....but I love that about them! Clip earrings are easy to clip onto so many more places than your ears if you choose! Clip one onto the bra, clip one onto the inside pocket of a purse, clip one onto a pocket or collar, clip one onto a scarf, or simply clip them onto pretty ribbons that hang in your space. So many ways to use them as a pair or individually.
This magickal processed through six months of personal casts. All energies within the pieces were amplified and enhanced by ritual within the Three Circle Ritual Retreat of 2020 as well!