Retreat Item Sterling Silver pendant
Retreat Item Sterling Silver pendant
Retreat Item Sterling Silver pendant
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Retreat Item Sterling Silver pendant

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A beautiful Vintage Silver pendant.

Imbued with energies of LOVE, PASSION, RELATIONSHIPS, and DESIRE.

Love spell energies allow you to find or retain a partner that is an excellent match to yourself.  One that will bring you the happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment that is desired of a loving, lasting, and committed relationship.  It will help to push the relationship to the next level and into a deeper understanding of each other and intimacy.

Passion spells are all about what puts the fire in your heart and soul. What do you find yourself drawn towards....what do you often think about, even if you feel it's not something you have a talent for, can obtain, or attain?  These are the sparks of passion...what your heart holds as a personal desire. This can be in any (or all) areas of life from your relationships to the desire to make ice cream for a living! Whatever it will find that your passions will become apparent to you and the opportunity to expand upon them will become relevant and available.

Relationship spells not only work on the romantic level, but on the platonic as well. You'll find your friendships bloom, your family connections become better / easier, and your coworkers might seem just a bit more like family....or that you can at least put up them with better.  ;)

Desire spell energies work on the heat of the moment. What you're focused on becomes a center of attention for you and of you. That may mean that hot person across the room or that pull to....make that ice cream (desire and passion spells support each other). 

This is a VINTAGE item that has a FULL YEAR of casts to bring intense energies and that will offer swift changes in your life. Cast beginning in the THREE SISTER CIRCLE RETREAT of 2019 and ending with the retreat of 2020. It was worked through the year by each individual sister within the circle.