Retreat Item Turtles on Slate
Retreat Item Turtles on Slate
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Retreat Item Turtles on Slate

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This is a great little item to have in your home or personal space. 

Carved turtles sit atop a small slate slab ready to usher in changes for you.

Worked to bring wisdom, persistence, endurance, and longevity to your life.

This little magickal offers you the wisdom to know when you are veering off your path, when someone is not being truthful with you, when you are not seeing the truth within yourself, offers assistance to you when you need a boost of motivation or when you need to resolve any issue with thinking outside the box options. Wisdom is brought to you in all areas of'll find you're less anxious about things that would have caused you great concern otherwise. 

An amazing good luck and positive energy magnet for you to enhance your daily life.