Romantic Relationship Fire Flaming Candle
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Romantic Relationship Fire Flaming Candle

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This candle was created by me during ritual with my special blends of oils, salts, and herbs.

A wonderful, subtle scented candle.

Want to find your true love? Wish you could just understand what you're current partner wants? Wanting to take it to the next level? This amazing candle is a Romantic Relationship Fire Flaming candle. Created to bring the opportunity of love to you as well as to work within any relationships you are in to help to fan the flames and keep the sparks flying.

Calling your mate to you is no easy task and in this busy lifestyle we lead it can sometimes seem impossible to get started or to maintain that connection in the way you'd like. This can be supported with the lighting of this amazing candle.

IF you are looking for love please feel free to place a picture of someone you're interested in or simply a list of attributes you would like your love to have. The Universe has a funny way of knowing exactly what we need, but it's always best to give it a clue to what we desire as well. ;)

You may choose to say something like:

"With this flame shining bright,

now blending with Universal Light,

I ask that my true love be found

and that our connection be built on solid grounds".

For those in relationships, feel free to use the candle to strengthen the bond or re-ignite the flames that were once passionate.

You may choose to say something like:

"Fan the flames, re-ignite.

Our passion now burns hot and bright.

All we want, need, and desire

are found in our love released by this fire".


All Candles are created within ritual and is made with a special blend of organic, responsibly harvested (and sometimes hand-foraged) dried herbs, spices, flowers and tree resins. Candles are anointed with the highest quality essential oils and blends and adorned with crystals or chips to assist in your rituals and spell work.

Intentions and energies are infused during creation. All items cleansed and charged during corresponding moon phases.


Ritual/Spell/Intention candles contain herbs and oils that are flammable and can ignite. Some may “pop”. This combined with personal and spell energy may cause candles to burn like a torch. Always place candles on a salted or sand covered candle plate or in a small layer of moon water away from other items and walls. Herbal smoke will produce a cleansing effect, burn candles in a well ventilated area. Allow candle to burn completely. Do not blow out candle or try to extinguish with water. If you must, end the spell/ask permission to extinguish and “snuff” out the candle.