Salt Blends
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Salt Blends

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This wonderful salt blend has been created with intention right from the start.  

Using herbs and essential oils to create a luxury blend that brings magickal intent right to you. Created during full ritual where each of the ingredients were blessed and then the mixture cast upon over three lunar cycles through spirit assisted casts for it's intention.

Many uses:

  • Use in a bath for yourself
  • Use in a bath for a loved one
  • Dissolve as a wash for cleaning the home 
  • Dissolve in distilled water to create an anointing mix
  • Carry some in your pocket, purse, mojo, or spellbag
  • Use in your own spellwork
  • Use in rituals
  • Scatter around the outside of the home or in a specific area


I am a big believer that there is nothing more powerful than using our own personal energy to stir up a little magick. That is why my products are designed to act like tools to help focus and direct your energy to the intention YOU desire. The true magick lies in you!

You will receive in a resealable bag.