Serenity and Success Angel Pin
Serenity and Success Angel Pin
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Serenity and Success Angel Pin

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I have for you a highly magickal vintage DODD Brooch. This adorable pin is imbued with the strongest of angelic charms and is like a warm hug on a very bad day.
*clasp is broken* But the magick is still as powerful as ever.
Sometimes we need an extra helping hand. A special ear to listen to our worries. Just a second to breathe and gather our thoughts. This is what she's all about, helping to grant the serenity we all hope for. This beautiful piece has a list of many magickal properties that will lift your spirits and help you magically in many different ways. These are:
Success in personal relationships
Success with finances
Success with personal goals and achievements
Success with willpower and lifestyle changes
Success at all spiritual practices
Success with family life and plans
Increase in Perception & Understanding
Aura Cleansing & Restoring Balance to the Body
Removal of Negative Energy
Healing & Overall Good Health
Increased Mental Faculties
The Easing of Grief
Lucid & Prophetic Dreaming