Skull Necklace of Protection and Karmic Retribution
Skull Necklace of Protection and Karmic Retribution
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Skull Necklace of Protection and Karmic Retribution

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These amazing Stainless Steel Skull pendants have been worked though three lunar cycles ending with this past week's Dark to New Moon. 

Worked within our hands to brings it powerful, direct, and striking magickal energies.

When you're in need of ULTIMATE PROTECTION  from any person or situation, this magickal holds all the protective energies of 1000 demonic forces! There is nothing that will penetrate that isn't for your highest good. Now...keep in mind that that means that there will be some things that happen that you must go through to allow yourself to evolve and experience as per your 'master plan', but even in those times....the effects of the situation will be less dramatic and have less effect on you.

This piece also brings with it KARMIC RETRIBUTION or KARMIC KICK ASS as I like to sometimes call it. When you have been wronged you need not worry about physical revenge on any person....this magickal brings an energetic push to karmic retribution for the person. Sending ill wishes and negativity your way will only result in amplified matched energies being rebounded back to them!

A unique, strong, and swift action magickal for sure.


 Height of pendant: 1.75 inches

Length of chain: 22 inches+2 inches extending chain