Spell Candles set of 3 for Money, Luck, and Success
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Spell Candles set of 3 for Money, Luck, and Success

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You are purchasing a set of three chime size spell candles created and imbued by me. 

Money / Success / Luck - Use for all matters of finances and Luck. 

Pictures shown are ones from current available batches. Yours may differ slightly as each is hand made.

These candles are prepared with intention through personal lineage ritual. Carved with witch's script and symbols as it is infused with energies and anointed for the desired intention. It is then adorned with my personal herb blends and sealed to assure a powerful burn and magickal release.

You will receive three candles that are to be burned one each day / night for three consecutive nights.  

How To Use for specific desired outcome: 

  • Write, 7 times, on a piece of  paper what you want – be very specific! Write the same thing 7 times.
  • Place the candle (in a holder) on top of the piece of paper.
  • Light the candle and say: “I call upon you, universal energies and magick held within. I call upon you to _____________”(state very specifically what you want). End your sentence with “And so it is.”
  • Burn one candle each night for 3 consecutive nights in total. (Can be burned during the day).
  • On the third night, you will put the paper you wrote on to the flame and allow it to burn. Be sure you have a fire safe dish or bowl to put your burning paper into!

 How To Use for General Use:

  • Take one candle into your hands and think about the area of intention in your life and what it will feel like when it's all going perfectly.
  • Either place your candle in a holder or drip stick it down once lit.
  • Light your candle and simply say: The magick churns as this flame burns. So It Is.

With general use you may choose to use just one candle on one night and reserve the other two for alternate times. I  like one for one night, one for new moon, and one for full moon.  I personally burn one of each like this every month!





Colors and adornment will vary slightly from photos as each candle is crafted by hand.

Never leave a burning candle unattended!