Spirit Guide Connection
Spirit Guide Connection
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Spirit Guide Connection

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This wonderful magickal has processed through my personal ritual sets to imbue it with amazing energies to support you in your daily life.  It has been worked to allow spirit guide connection.

This is a long pretty stone necklace that is lead and nickel free.

Having the ability to connect with your guide(s) brings a calm and tranquil energy to even the most stressful of times and changes. The information and guidance received from them will bring a clarity to your path and purpose along with the ability of action. Action allows you to respond and react to the guidance received even on a subconscious level. The magick of this piece will continually be working on exactly what is going to work best for you in your situation.

When you're ready to meet your guide, this piece will offer support to you in your endeavor. Bringing you a better perception of your guide when they are near and opening you up to the subtle nuances that surround their presence.