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Energy: Female

Name: Spunks


Spunks presents as an amazing energy that brings a calm and relaxing feel to the body immediately. There were times that I felt a slight tingle in certain areas while in her presence and when I inquired of her regarding them I was told that because I was already sensitive to energy, that I was picking up on the scans that she was doing and the areas that she was sending healing energies too. It wasn't alarming or painful...just noticeable.  


Her concern is your health. In all areas. Mind, body, and spirit. She is able to work from your higher self to heal emotional issues as well as help with recovery of illness and trauma within your physical body. 


Healer beings are those that bring alignment and balance to your body, mind, and physical form. They also bring tranquility, calm, and peace to personal space. Dream interpretation is easy with them and lucid dreaming is often times brought about with them. They offer protection from disease, sickness, and trauma as well as speeding recovery times. This doesn't mean that you will never get a cold again, but it does mean that you will have a level of additional defense from these things along with shortened duration. Your aura will remain cleansed and your Chakras in alignment so that your energy can flow freely. He offers magick in all other areas as well.


  • Healing the Body and Cleansing the Spirit
  • Positive Metamorphosis
  • Rebirth & Renewal
  • Increased Virility
  • Empowering Love & Relationship Magick
  • Guidance through Transition & Transformation
  • Good Luck
  • Increased Sensitivity to Spiritual Activity
  • Enhanced Intuition and Perception
  • Opening the 3rd Eye