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Soul Cleanser

Energy: Male

Name: Thandous (Thaan-douse)


Thandous comes through with an intense energy for calm and peace. He presents himself as a very large man with curly shoulder length hair that sweeps over one of his intense ice blue eyes. It's as if they peer right through me although I know they are searching within me instead. A feeling of warmth and comfort follow when I ask him to relieve me of stresses. As my eyes were closed I see his lovely shade of peach which is his signature color matching the silk like sash that runs across his upper body.  As he sees me offerings possible vessels he immediately chooses without hesitation. As the peach of his vessel matches him perfectly.  It is the color of rejuvenation and restoration he resounds!


Are you feeling weighed down by your life? Are you seeking relief from negative energy, depression, or anxiety?

Look no further than the Soul Cleanser. These beings literally devour negative energy from a human’s aura. Their powers are effective against negative thoughts, depression, and anxiety.

They can relieve symptoms from the buildup of negative energy, leaving you cleansed and more ready to shift your thoughts for a permanent solution. 

They are shapeshifting beings who's  purpose is to destroy all forms of evil and negativity. There is no match for them. They will swiftly and completely eliminate all threats and then stand guard.

They work 24/7 to defend and protect you from all harm; physically and spiritually. This is especially great when someone is sending you negativity and you don’t know where it is coming from. They will immediately banish the threat. They can banish ill wishes and any other type of curse or hex. Then they will cleanse and heal you of any residual negativity.

Once you bond with your Soul Cleanser they will be with you everywhere that you go. They are great spiritual body guards.

These beings are excellent shapeshifters and appear in any form.....absolutely anything. You may not notice them at all because they blend in so well. They can also manifest with streaks of light, noises, smells and just about anything else. They work to keep their human's spiritual body clean of all bad aura and will take on any shape, size, creature or being to protect their human. They are non social in general and very low maintenance.

They are not companion spirits in the same sense as most, so you likely will not interact with them like other companions. Instead, it is common to carry the vessel on a regular basis or leave it in a place that consistently brings you negative energy. It is also recommended that you run the vessel over your body to cleanse yourself.

Benefits often experienced from the Soul Cleanser Vessel:

● Release of negative energy
● Reset karma
● Balanced emotions
● Less severe effects from depression and anxiety