Uplifting You Vintage Clown Pin
Uplifting You Vintage Clown Pin
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Uplifting You Vintage Clown Pin

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A stunning and fun vintage clown pin with jointed body allowing for wonderful movement.

When you're feeling like happiness is simply eluding you.

When you're having thoughts of doom and gloom.

When you're just not able to find the silver lining in the situation.

That is when this magickal can offer it's extreme energies to help to build you back to a place of optimism, happiness, and joyful expression. 

Sometimes we just need a little boost in our body's 'happy juice' to get our perception to change from seeing the gloom to seeing the light within the dark space we may find ourselves in. 

This magickal does exactly that. Offering a gleeful energy that you can't help but smile about when you hold, wear, or 'play with' this fun loving piece.

It's fun, sparkly, and powerful....what could be better?!?! ;)