Vintage Brooch of Communication
Vintage Brooch of Communication
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Vintage Brooch of Communication

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This is a stunning vintage brooch from the working magical collection. It has processed through coven rituals over the past year to allow its original energies to be enhanced, amplified, and directed.


This piece is all about connection. Whether that connection is to a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or lover. This connection can be beyond the Physical Realm as well. Bringing you amazing connections and understanding from Spirit. The spirit connections can be to your guides, angels, and spirit family.


For connections in the Physical Realm, this magical brings about an opening of communication. As we know, communication is key in any relationship. Not only to be able to express your own feelings and emotions to the other person, but also to be able to understand their perception of your words. This helps to avoid misunderstandings that can lead to the big relationship issues.


Along with communication, this magical brings a protective quality to the relationship as well. It allows you to know and understand the people that are working with you as well as the people that are pushing against you. It will give you blatant signs and cues when you are dealing with someone that does not have your best interest at heart or even that is working maliciously against you.


You will find that you discover your true friends and connections, your romance and romantic areas in your life bloom, and you will ease into feeling deserving of the respect and loyalty that you will begin to receive from all of your connections.


In the spiritual realm; this piece is amazing for opening up communication with your guides and passed loved ones. Sometimes we feel that we are not getting the messages or the answers that we are looking for, but in reality, the answers and messages we seek are there, we are just not understanding that we're receiving them.


This magical will bring the understanding, acknowledgement, and receipt of messages and answers to become very clear to you. With this, you'll find that your ability to communicate grows exponentially. Once you understand how the universe brings the messages to you, you are better able to then grow your Universal vocabulary for a much more in-depth relationship with spirit and those from the other side.