Vintage Growth and Success leaf necklace
Vintage Growth and Success leaf necklace
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Vintage Growth and Success leaf necklace

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Vintage 1963 Sarah Coventry leaf with rhinestone necklace. 18 inch length. This is an offering from a working magickal crone witch collection.

This piece carries great magickal energies that have been cast and utilized throughout the years. Imbued with energies of GROWTH AND SUCCESS.

The growth energy aspect of this piece works in every aspect of life. Growth of business, financials, love, and even self evolvement. 

Success in all aspects of life and in every area as well. Success in work, home, relationships, and spiritual self. 

Like the phrase "Turning over a new leaf", this magickal brings to you the ability to have trust in yourself and your choices in life as well. It supports you in your personal growth and in your daily life. If there are changes that need to be made to get you onto your direct path to success and fulfillment, this piece will help you along your way so that you do not lose sight of the goals and rewards of them! You have the ability to create and change your life, future, and's just a bit easier when you have the intense support of such a magickal as this one.