Vintage Ocean Magick set
Vintage Ocean Magick set
Vintage Ocean Magick set
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Vintage Ocean Magick set

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This breathtaking Vintage clip-earring and necklace set, with an amazing seashells design, has now been processed through a full year of lunar cycle rituals and is ready for it's new owner.

This offerings is from a crone witch's working magickal collection.
Remember that when you receive sets that you can choose to use each piece independent of the others or all together. I love clip earring vintage magickals to clip into my purse, my pocket, hanging ribbons, on my curtains, on my shirt hem, or even onto my bra!
These highly magickal items have the power of the ocean. The power to bring hope, new beginnings, success, friendship, and love. It also has its dark side of destruction and erosion. Then it has a nirvana about it and peace with all that's around you. It's all about ebb and flow and walking that fine line to keep balance within ourselves and our lives around us.
This tool can be used in many different ways to achieve what you're after. It has many imbued abilities and it's up to you to use those abilities how you see fit. From revenge to finding your soul mate, these beauties do a little of everything. These pieces can be used together or separately. Put the earrings on your altar and wear the bracelet. Or where ever you think you need this magick in your life. Experiment and have fun.

The magickal properties of this amazing set are:
Bringing Good Luck
Wish Manifestation Magick
Increasing Personal Energies
Positive Metamorphosis
Rebirth & Renewal
Increased Virility and if Desired, Fertility
Empowering Love & Relationship Magick
Guidance through Transition & Transformation
Enhanced Intuition and Perception
Lucid Dreaming
Soothing Anxiety, Stress, and Related Ailments
Calming Tense Situations