Vintage Set from Elsa Collection
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Vintage Set from Elsa Collection

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A Vintage brooch and clip earrings set from Elsa's collection.

This set comes to you as an offering from Elsa as one of her last available pieces. 

This piece is all GLITZ, GLAMOUR, LUXURY, POISE, and GRACE.

A stunning set that sparkles and shines. This set is for the one that wants to make the most out of life. To be fun, fast, free, and fierce. This set will bring about a Luxury in life in all ways that you desire and deserve. Bringing you the ability to fit in when and where ever you may find yourself. Feel at ease and comfortable at the BBQ or at the five star restaurant. Others will notice your ability to stay calm and collected in situations. Your inner beauty begins to shine once again....and others will take notice!

Sets allow you to have three individual magickals at your disposal for use. Use them all together or independnt of each other.