Witchful Ways


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Virginia says... please envision this, because this was me. Me before I died. I was a very petite, with a medium complexion, with very short dark brown, almost black hair. Very typical Italian. In life, she was all about the roaring 20s. Everything about it was exciting and prosperous. Virginia was born and raised in New York city with her 3 brothers, and she became a professional dancer by age 16. She states her father and mother never liked her job, but she raves about how she loved every second of being on stage and feeling the rush and excitement she brought to a crowd of people. She was a hard worker and was working her way up quickly to the next level in her career. Sadly her life was cut short when she was run down by a street car in 1924. In death as well as in life Virginia is a vibrant, active and sassy spirit. And even know the 1920s are almost a century past, she still pushes on in death and lives everyday to its fullest just as she did back then.
Virginia has been with many families through the years. She prefers an active household, where she can be a part of the fun and love. She loves the music, as she still is dancing.
Virginia's vessel is APPOX 8" tall.
She will come with candle that has been inscribed and imbued by me with energies for connection to her.
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