Witch Divination Kit in Box
Witch Divination Kit in Box
Witch Divination Kit in Box
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Witch Divination Kit in Box

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This is a wonderful kit that will assist you in your Divination Efforts.

The kit contains:

One set of Spirit Dice Handmade and Spelled for Spirit Connection 

5 sets of different incense mini stick scents

1 mini vial of Divination Oil Blend 

One set of Divination Assistance Set: Amber, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Crystal Quartz point. 

One journal to save your divinations session experiences (it's sparkly, of course)

Organza bag to carry your dice if preferred.

Wooden box with glass inset cover


Spirit Dice allow great communication with the spirits from the Other Side. Simply hold the dice in your hands, roll them between your hands as you ask your questions, and then drop them straight down. The words that you see are your communications! Full words or abbreviated may appear to you.