Witch Kit with Metal Vintage Box
Witch Kit with Metal Vintage Box
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Witch Kit with Metal Vintage Box

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A wonderful kit ready for making magick!

This kit includes:

One feather incense holder

One deck of Mystical Kipper Cards

8 assorted herbs


This vintage box is an offering from an estate. It was a part of a magickal collection for many years. It has a lovely red lining. It is in great shape for it's age and usage! It has also processed through six lunar cycles to bring in into alignment with the energies imbued. 

This is a stunning Japan made piece that works in a few ways. 

First, it's a charging and cleansing box that will allow your crystals, magickals, and spirited items to maintain their optimal magickal power and balance. Simply place the item(s) within, close, and allow them to remain inside for a minimum of four hours, but they can remain there for as long as needed.  "Cleansing and charging of all things inside. With the energies of the elements no negativity can hide. So It Is."

Second, it is a spell box (sometimes referred to as a manifesting box).  Your desire only need to be written down on paper and placed inside. You can, if you'd like, also place inside any other item that you'd like to create as the spell's talisman (any item such as a ring, necklace, or other small item). Then you simply close the lid and leave it closed for three nights. As you close it and EACH DAY (as many times as you'd like) you can simply touch the box and visualize (think about) how you will feel and react when it comes into manifestation. 

This box will surely become a major piece of your magickal collection!